Check out your best 2 Magical Desert Nights in a Bivouac at The Erg Lihoudi and Chigaga Dunes. From Zagora is particularly special for visiting the absolute best parts of the south east of Morocco Desert. This 2 Magical Desert Nights in a Bivouac at The Erg Lihoudi and Chigaga Dunes Tour means that you get to combine the M'hamid Dunes and explore it by camel toward our Erg Lihoudi Camp for an overnight and take advantage of the activities that will be provided to us. Then, the majestic wild dunes of Erg Chigaga. In addition, you have scenic drives over the old trail of caravanners and the famous Sand Sea. It is the largest sand dunes in Morocco. So there are, of course, many stops at panoramic viewpoints to take memorable photos and enjoy as much time as possible in the depths of the desert. Before that, we will visit the nomads in their tents to share a cup of tea with them, and why not if we can help them with some medicine.

During these 2 Magical Desert Nights in a Bivouac at The Erg Lihoudi and Chigaga Dunes. Here, herds of camels and a group of their young also show wildlife with its natural source. In the depths of the Chigaga Sahara desert delight your senses with calm peace and enjoy watching the real golden sand dunes, experience Sundboarding and admire the sunset on the largest Chigaga sand dunes. After the day’s excitement, spend a peaceful night in a beautiful Desert-Camp at the foot of the sand dunes. The next morning there will be time to get a better sunrise of the area with a brief walk.

The second day of 2 Magical Desert Nights in a Bivouac at The Erg Lihoudi and Chigaga Dunes, Our tour will take the Paris-Dakar rally track road through the arid desert hills leading north toward Zagora. Different features of the vast Sahara are visible as you cross the desert. You may find fossils in the area of Oued Naam. In Tamegroute, the green pottery co-operatives and the Quranic Library of exquisite manuscripts are both well worth visiting. And get Zagora before 12:30am. That would be the highlight of your best 2 Magical Desert Nights In Erg Lihoudi Desert Camp & Chigaga Dunes!

Experience the sahara relax and wonder of our unique range of Zagora To Erg Lihoudi and Chigaga Desert. Discover the tour itinerary below. Your journey starts here!

 The 9 Best things to do in Magical tour of the Moroccan desert - Highlights

  • 1. A very rich experience in the different desert landscapes
  • 2. Camel ride on the first day to discover the desert of Mhamid El Ghazlan
  • 3. Sand boarding experience and Other activities are waiting for you
  • 4. Enjoying the music around the fire during the two nights
  • 5. Spectacular views of the desert at sunrise and sunset
  • 6. The 2 nights stay at Berber Private Tnet in Camps and watch the stars
  • 7. Authentic Moroccan cuisine will be presented by our chefs
  • 8. Visit a family nomadic bedouin in their tent for discover
  • 9. Pick up small fossil pebbles as a souvenir and Visit old Kasbah

2 magical desert nights in Moroccan Desert - Itinerary::

DAY: 1

Zagora ❯  Tagounite ❯  M'hamid  ❯  Erg Lihoudi Desert

Departure by private transport will be around 02:30 in the afternoon from Zagora, we drive Road number 9 along the Draa valley and the ancient road of caravans to reach the village of M’hamid, which marks the end of the paved road and the beginning of the Sahara desert. Here, you will find our Berber team. They will have already prepared the camel caravan at the starting point to start the first day by camel experience. Our guides they're trying to show you how you dress your turbans like desert bedouins, so that you can set out on the camel’s back for a two-hour trip through the beautiful sand dunes leads to the Erg Lihoudi desert for an unforgettable sunset and to spend the beauty of the night in a private nomad tent at our camp close to big dunes. The day will not end until you enjoy all the activities that our camp will offer, including an authentic Moroccan dinner, which will be served either in the restaurant tent or outside in the open air. After that, we will enjoy desert music around a campfire under the magical sky, before going to your tent to relax in front of it, watch the stars and spend the night.

DAY: 2

Erg Lihoudi ❯   ❯  The natural desert well  ❯  With nomad family  ❯  Big Dunes Of Chigaga

If you wake up early enough, you can watch the spectacle of the sunrise, when the color of the dunes and the play of shadows are an awesome sight. After breakfast in our Erg Lihoudi Standard Desert camp, you can take a hot shower before starting another new adventure variation, which is to explore the great sahara desert and discover its wildlife by 4x4WD. From Erg Lihoudi, we will start on the dunes by jeep and move to enjoy new variations of the Sahara desert. We will visit nomadic families who do not live not far from the natural well of an area called Wadi Al-Athash and have tea with them in their tent. If you have some medicine to help, or even a t-shirt, the nomad family will be more than happy. We reach the immense sand dunes of Chigaga in the late afternoon, after we have eaten lunch in the oasis. There, you will put your bags in your tents and get ready to enjoy adventurous activities like climbing and sandboarding in the golden sand dunes before the picturesque sunset. An absolutely magical night under a starry sky waits for us. There we will be served a Berber evening meal: soup, salad, tagine or couscous with mint tea. We will also enjoy some local music around a campfire before we go to our bed.

DAY: 3

Erg Chigaga   ❯  Elbour  ❯  Tamegroute  ❯  Zagora

After a rich breakfast presented in front of this stunning view. With our four-wheel drive we will take our way from Erg Chigaga dunes to Tamegroute for a visit to the Koranic library, the underground kasbah and the potteries. Afterwards, still feeling the sands between your toes, you are coming back from this wonderful journey with the 4×4 to the village of Zagora. Arrival is around 12:30 a.m, the end of the 2 magical desert nights in the Morocco desert.




Rates & Organization Pratical Information

  Services included in the Tour:

 ✔  Pick up at your hotel/Riad
 ✔  Private transport to M'hamid
 ✔  Overnight Camel Tour
 ✔  4x4 Car with driver
 ✔  Moroccan Hospitality
 ✔  Half-Board /5 meals
 ✔  Dinner, lunch & breakfast
 ✔  Vegetarians are welcom
 ✔  Both nights in private tent
 ✔  Family nomad visit
 ✔  Walks & Explorations
 ✔  Sandboarding
 ✔  Enjoying the sunset
 ✔  Very clean shared bathrooms
 ✔  Shower are available
 ✔  Entertainment for 2 nights
 ✔  Watch the stars
 ✔  Enjoying the sunrise
 ✔  Tax on the tour sale

  Services not included in   the Tour:

 X  Mineral water
 X  Tipping

  Good to Know :

 💡  Prices are per person
 💡  Team flexibility in services
 💡  Children are Welcome
 💡  20% under 10 years
 💡  Free under 04 years
 💡  We organize Transports
 💡  Transport from the airport
 💡  From wherever you are
 💡  Organize birthday parties

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 ♂ 2 people     189€

 ♂ 3 people     169€

 ♂ 4 people     149€

 ♂ Mor than 6 people Conatct Us


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