Zagora Desert Tours - 4WD Tours

"Sahara Relaxhas been developing a selection of best Zagora desert tours 4WD, Chegaga Desert Tour From Zagora. Besides offering the best Private custom desert tours for singles, friends, and families...If you are thinking about a Sahara desert tour from Zagora or just an amazing Moroccan desert vacation, travelling with us will make you discover the different cultures of sahara; you will see how Nomads people live, drink wonderful Berber tea. in our website we show you some tours from Zagora, feel free to send us an email and let us know your preferred tour itinerary. We will respond as soon as possible.

With our Zagora desert tours 4WD"Sahara Relax" you will have a great experience in organizing tours. Moreover, with the budget of each person, as much individual as of groups. Join us and share moments with our team and Moroccan nomadic families in the Sahara desert.

With our Zagora desert tours 4WD, you can explore and enjoy all that Southern Moroccan has to offer. We will take you to visit the real deep desert, the desert oases. We will discover and visit the family nomads, We will take you also to discover and visit natural wells, places in the middle of desert which contains a in the form of fossil stones. Eventually, with Sahara Relax, you will experience camel trekking in Erg Chegaga, Erg Lihoudi and our premium luxury desert camps.

Zagora Desert Tours - 4WD Tours

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