Camel Treks around Zagora M'hamid & Erg Chigaga Morocco Sahara Desert

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Check out a large selection of the sahara desert trek morocco, best camel trekking & hiking holidays in Morocco desert. Welcome to our local tour product Camel Treks around Zagora M'hamid & Erg Chigaga Morocco sahara desert for an overnight or more days. Our country is well known for different Moroccan desert landscapes, ancient traditions and tasty original Moroccan Oriental gastronomy. What would be Morocco without our berber tea? But you must have heard about the welcome and hospitality of the timeless Moroccan people.

We work for making sure you get the most of your multi days camel trek with camping here in southern Morocco desert and Share life with our nomads berber teams. This is going to be not just a holiday but a real desert experience with camel including hike and walking. You will see and enjoy as much highlights as your time in our desert will let you. But indefferently of the time you will spend here we will make sure you experience the real desert landscapes and explore The wonderful diverse desert landforms. Our goal is, we want you to get an authentic and personal idea of creating a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy walking, hiking and exploring the shapes of the sand dunes, which will offer you special moments to meditate at sunset and what Morocco desert camel trekking tours is

Morocco Camel Trekking

In you will find our desert treks morocco, overnight trek and our different activities in the desert. With our morocco desert treks around Zagora, M'hamid and Erg Chigaga sahara you will enjoy a camel riding, nights in mobile camp tente and experience sleeping under the stars. share with our teams how to prepare delicious local meals, including how to prepare fresh bread in the sand. In fact, something very amazing!

This is the start point for one amazing adventure to Sahara Desert Trek Morocco.


Camel Treks around Zagora Desert & Oasis

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Words from Sahara Relax founder

The sahra desert is a empty and full and space, at the same time fertile and hostile, cold and warm, stormy and calm. I loved sahara desert, I was adopted by it, I tried to get over it but to no avail. Many times I wanted to escape, but that always kept me up. May I invite you to share my passion of the sahara desert and my love for it in an unforgettable visit to the Moroccan Sahara desert? See the amazing sand dunes, hear to the silence and feel its energy. Have the sahara desert for yourself in the best possible conditions. Start on an unforgettable trip. My proposed Moroccan desert tours bear the fruits of my knowledge of the sahara desert. Take a break and live the bedouins life and the old trading caravans with the last children of the sahara desert taking good care of you!”


Camel Treks around M'hamid & Erg Chegaga Sahara Desert

Camel Trekking is The Most Favorite Activity In Morocco Desert


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About Morocco Desert Camel Trekking

Softness information of our team and desert treks:

With regard to our Tours in the desert, we offer our customers that the Camel Treks can depart from Zagora or Mahamid El Ghizlane to visit different interesting sites in the desert of southeast Morocco. Depending on the desires and interests of our guests for their holidays, everything can be discussed through an exchange Messages with our team and everyone can then participate in to create the ideal itinerary that suits your interests and budget Before joining your Trek with the camels in the desert.

Desert & camel treks management system:

The walker is carrying a bag of water and a few dry fruits... (the gable men guiding) they arrange the logistics of the evening camp and the meals. This is a camel caravan walk. A great adventure in the desert without the noise. Hiking, walking with camels and camel riding is done as follows. Wake up and eat breakfast. Closing bags and preparing specifications. While the guide loads the camels, the walkers with an escort set off. Running 4 to 6 hours a day. You can ride a camel if you get tired.

The lunch break is generally accompanied with the caravan or independent of the caravan in some cases, because camel drivers often take one or two steps of the camel with their stay with the pedestrians for lunch (cold or hot meal, green tea, seasonal fruits, etc..) . Lunches are prepared in the oases or in the shade of acacia or tamrix. You may unexpectedly meet desert nomads. They will share tea with you and the camel journey will continue, as they spend the night in a makeshift residence with a team of guides who will also prepare dinner. A campfire amidst a bivouac, Bedouin music and stars above your head, you'll be in another world. The best periods for hiking and walking with camels are from the beginning of October to the end of May. The temperature ranges between 15 and 35 degrees during the day and 9-15 degrees at night. You will take similar sensations and experiences around the famous desert caravans.

Best time to do an Overnight and Several Days of Camel trek in Morocco desert:

You can take an Overnight trip on a camel trek in the Moroccan desert, which we suggest from Zagora or from Mhamid throughout the year.

You can take a multi-day trek with camels in the Moroccan desert from the beginning of October to the end of May. This is the time of the year when adventure and hiking are recommended to discover the Moroccan desert on foot. During this time of the year, there is no hot weather. The daily temperatures in the desert are very nice and quite tolerable for a person walking and hiking activity (29°-32° max during the hottest period - April and October) (18°-20° minimum temperatures). Plan comfortable and rather long clothes to protect you from the heat of the sun. A turban long more than two meters is necessary! Also, remember to take a suitable sunscreen if you have sensitive skin. The end of May can be hot, and the maximum temperatures can reach 40°C in the day.

Health safety information:

All these trips may be subject to changes for several reasons such as weather conditions (drought, floods, etc...) and may vary according to the carrying capacity and wishes of the vacationers. The daily distance to be covered is about 20 kilometers, which is equivalent to about five hours of walking; But this also depends on the resistance of hikers and camel riders or the wells available. Depending on the particular wishes of the holiday makers, everything can be discussed and everyone can then participate in the organization.


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