5 Days Camel Trekking To Chigaga Desert


Check out the best 5 Days camel trekking morocco sahara desert; Explore then the beauty of the desert, on this exciting 5 days of Camel trekking, some of the least visited parts of the big sahara desert sand dunes in Morocco, including the remote Erg Chegaga dunes. Dedicating 5 days camel trekking to experience the Sahara desert allows you to truly switch off from civilisation. Emulate the nomadic existence. Relax in to the daily routine of the trek, and what we consider to be the luxuries of desert life; establishing wild camps, cooking on the fire, enjoying sunset & daybreak, the night skies and the natural desert wonder environment..

Experience the best Morocco Sahara desert during this 5 Days camel trekking; Cross then the wild desert by camels and Enjoy the tranquility of the Morocco Deserts to feel the rhythm and beauty of the vast landscape. Great, the best 5 days Camel trekking morocco sahara desert will take you then on a wonderful trip of 4 or 5 hours hiking during each day step through the open desert. That is the most authentic way to trace the trail of the Berber convoys.

Best 5 Days Camel Trek in Morocco sahara desert

Our guests can enjoy walking and camel back riding when needed in this 5-days trek period. On this 5 days camel trek sahara desert in eastern Morocco, will definitely be an completely different and refreshing experience for all. Hiking and walking mysterious and wonderful different features of the great Desert; “erg” sand dunes, “reg” rocky desert, “hammada” flat ground, oases with camel by choosing this unique package. Camel Trek will help you personally understand the lifestyle of the local nomads and the nature of these peaceful animals.

This multi day trek will let you enjoy the deeper beauty of Morocco desert sand dunes at your own way.

Experience a holiday like no other ! Alone, as a couple, in a group or in a family, we have exciting excursions for you. So welcome. "Marhaba", as they say here ! ...



DAY: 1

M'Hamid ❯  Sidi Naji

We start our first walking day towards sahara desert from M'hamid. You will find camels, camelmen and a cook waiting for you at the starting point, the baggage will arranged on camels. then we will start walking with camels, heading towards the the end of palm trees grove, where we break for lunch . after lunch, you take a nap and we then walk to Sidi Naji passing by different desert landscapes and sceneries. When we arrive there we make our camp for the night

DAY: 2

Sidi Naji ❯  Erg Zahar

After Breakfast, we start trekking towards one of the highest dunes, passing by the ruins of Ksar Bousnina, an ancient kasbah. As usual, we take a break for lunch under the shady trees of Tamarisk. Afterwards, we continue our journey to Erg Zahar Dunes to marvel at the golden and well-shaped dunes from top of which you can admire a beautiful sunset. We spend the night near these dunes

DAY: 3

Erg Zaha ❯  Erg Sedra

We start walking, following the paces of dromedaries caravan, heading to Erg Sadra. After a few hours of walking, we cross the Valley of Draa to have lunch in Erg Smar. You then take a nap under the shade of a Tamarisk tree. We continue trekking to arrive in Erg Sedra where we make our camp for the night

DAY: 4

Erg Sedra ❯  Erg Chegaga

Our destination on this day will be one of the most highest and largest dunes in Morocco, Erg Chegaga which stretch over 50 km. It is the most beautiful range of dunes. After 3 hours of walking, passing by different landscapes of the desert, we stop for lunch. Afterwards, we continue walking to Erg Chegaga to enjoy an unforgettable sunset there. We make our camp and spend the night there

DAY: 5

Erg Chegaga ❯  M'hamid ❯  Zagora

After an unforgettable sunrise with the morning breeze, the breakfast is served in the open air in the bivouac. Afterwards, still feeling the sands between your toes you are coming back from this wonderful adventure by 4-wheel drive to the village of Zagora. Arrival is around 12:30 a.m.




Rates & Organization Pratical Information

  Services Included in 5 Days Camel Trek :

 ✔  Reach the starting point
 ✔  4 Nights in the desert
 ✔  Our Team / guides
 ✔  The full board
 ✔  Camels for carrying luggage
 ✔  Trekking and Hiking
 ✔  4x4 From Chegaga To
 ✔  M'hamid or Zagora

  Not Included in The Tour:

 X  Holiday insurrance
 X  Private camel for riding
 X  Sleeping bags
 X  Mineral water
 X  Tipping

  Good to Know Before You Go:

 💡  Prices are per person
 💡  Minimum 2 participants
 💡  Children are Welcome
 💡  20% under 10 years
 💡  Organize birthday parties

  Advises About Camels Treks:

What will you need to bring ?

 ❯  Confortable walking shoes
 ❯  Nomadic turban
 ❯  Lamp of pocket
 ❯  The usual medicines
 ❯  Sun cream
 ❯  Sleeping bag

  Product Price :

 ♂ 2 people     339€

 ♂ 3 people     319€

 ♂ 4 people     289€

 ♂ Mor than 6 people Conatct Us:


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