Overnight trip by camel from M'hamid to (Erg Lihoudi)


The tour from M'hamid to desrt of (Erg Lihoudi) is the best option to visit the desert and the dunes, even though it doesn't compare to Chegaga dunes, it's still a lot better than Zagora, apart from the awesome attractions all along the road to M'hamid, you can actually see relatively big dunes and appreciate a wonderful sunset and sunrise and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere with the nomads.


First day: Zagora - Tagounite - Ouled Driss - Desert

Climb a board a camel at 4pm and step into the endless sand dunes from Ouled Driss. As you rock from side to side on top of your dromedary, experience how the Bedouin have traveled for centuries through the desert. During the one-hour journey, you will have time to take incredible photos of the sun setting over the golden colored dunes of the Erg Lihoudi. Once you get to the desert camp, sit back while you sip on a Moroccan mint tea. Then, before you enjoy a traditional dinner, you will have time to explore the nearby dunes by foot to enjoy the striking landscape. After sampling a filling Moroccan dinner, you will assist a performance of Berber drum music.

Second Day: Desert-  Ouled Driss - Tamgroute - Zagora

After a restful night under the star-studded desert sky, it won’t be hard to wake up at dawn to marvel at an incredible sunrise over the different shaped sand mounds. Then sample a healthy breakfast and have a refreshing shower before hopping on your camel to travel back to Ouled Driss.


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