Best Overnight Camel Trek From Zagora To The Desert


Check out the best Overnight Camel Trek From Zagora To Nkhila in Morocco Sahara Desert is the best option for travelers who don't have much time to delve deeper into big Sahara, apart from the wonderful attractions on the vicinity of Zagora, you can actually see sand dunes and appreciate sunset, sunrise and enjoy a Overnight Camel Trek including a magic night under a starry sky.

Connect camel trekking and relaxed in the desert for an wonderful health adventure! While the better Desert Camel Trek. Overnight camel trek from Zagora to the desert offers private tent in a fixe camping accommodation as well as camping under the stars. Service is available before, during, and following treks. Unusual guests prefer this option, whilst others choose a 50% tent outdoors desert experience. Overnight camel trek from zagora are spent as private tour with camels or with other guests in the Morocco Sahara desert enjoying sand hiking, bird-watching, camel riding, meditation and many bring a good drawing and read utensils.

Zagora Overnight by Camel Trekking through Sahara Desert

All our Overnight Camels Treks are all-inclusive, Moroccan Hospitality, breakfast, morning tea and coffee, afternoon, admire the sunset and the evening meal. We share stories over the campfire and retire to swags for an evening under a starry sky. Then you’ll have time to enjoy your private time and meditation during sunrise morning silence.

So welcome. "Marhaba", as they say here ! ...This is the start point for one amazing adventure to Overnight Camel Trek in Morocco Sahara Desert Zagora…


Overnight Zagora Desert Itenerary:

DAY: 1

Zagora ❯  Nkhilai

Climb aboard a camel and set on your Camel Trek early afternoon from Zagora. As you rock from side to side on top of your dromedary, experience how the Bedouin have travelled for centuries through the desert. we go through the spectacular landscapes of Draa oasis during for 1 hour and 15 min. we arrive to our camp shortly before the evening to admire the magnificent sunset looming on the sand dunes . Once you get to the desert camp, sit back while you sip on a Moroccan berber tea. An absolutely magic night under a starry sky waits us. There we will be served a Berber evening meal: soup, salad, tagine or couscous with seasonal dessert. We enjoy some local music around a camp fire.

DAY: 2

Nkhila ❯  Zagora

After a restful night under the star-studded desert sky, it won’t be hard to wake up at dawn to marvel at an incredible sunrise over the sand dunes. Then sample a healthy breakfast and have a refreshing shower before hopping on your camel to travel back to Zagora, arriving between 9:30 and 10 am.




Rates & Organization Pratical Information

 Services Included in The Tour:

 ✔  Meeting you at our address
 ✔  Park your car safely
 ✔  Join the starting camel point
 ✔  each person with his camel
 ✔  Moroccan Hospitality
 ✔  Private tent
 ✔  Enjoying the sunset
 ✔  Traditional Moroccan dinner
 ✔  Campfire at night
 ✔  Singing local music
 ✔  Watch the stars
 ✔  Very clean shared bathrooms
 ✔  Continental breakfast
 ✔  Tax on the tour sale

 Services Not Included in The Tour:

 X  Car park 3 euros
 X  Mineral water
 X  Tipping

 Good to Know :

 💡  Prices are per person
 💡  Team flexibility in services
 💡  Children are Welcome
 💡  20% under 10 years
 💡  Free under 04 years
 💡  We organize Transports
 💡  Transport from the airpor
 💡  From wherever you are
 💡  We organize birthday parties

 Product Price :

 ♂ 2 people     49€

 ♂ 3 people     48€

 ♂ 4 people     47€

 ♂ Mor than 6 people Conatct Us:


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    Is there a place where we will leave our car before we go on this tour?
    Before you set on you overnight camel tour, you will park your car in the car park of the Kasbah Hotel, which is safe, until you join it the next day during the end of the tour.
    What time does this tour start?
    This tour starts from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m
    What is the meeting address in Zagora to start this tour?
    When you book this tour, we will provide you with all the information about the meeting address with our team, which is a hotel kasbah where you will park your car in order to proceed on your overnight tour in the best conditions. In case you do not have a car and you will take a public transport to reach Zagora, a member of our team will come by our private car to pick you up from wherever towards the starting point by camel tour.